Are you interested in real estate investing, but don’t want to mess with the day to day activities that are involved with it?  RAMS Investing can help. RAMS has stepped in and helped out dozens of investors that are just like you. Real estate is something that everyone seems to have thought of at one time or another because of the strong returns it provides. Most people believe that there is only one way to do it.  This is where we can help.


There are so many ways that someone can invest in real estate passively. Below is a list of a few different options that are available that you may not have known about.


  • Owning rental property and managing it yourself
  • Owning rental property with a “hands off” approach
  • Owning rental property in a different state than you live
  • Investing your cash into real estate with the backing of a secured asset “real estate”
  • Investing within your 401k or IRA into real estate and secured with that real estate


Those are just a few of the options available, and are typically the most common scenarios that we see. One of the most popular and least heard of is thru your 401k or IRA.  Did you know that you don’t have to invest in stocks and bonds within your 401k or IRA*?  We work with many investors that invest their IRA or 401k into real estate that is purchased, renovated, and sold. These investors are completely hands off.  They have a secure investment backed by real estate and are also listed on the insurance policy. They simply collect checks. 


This investment option can also be done with cash, if an investor has available funds that aren’t earning a good return. Our investors are consistently earning anywhere from 8-12% on their money each and every year, and it is secured with real estate that they don’t own.


If you are looking to own real estate, we can also help. We work with many investors that want to passively own rental properties. Some of them use us as consultants on the front end to give them advice on finding the perfect home for their investment and then we turn it over to them and they handle the rest.


Others either don’t have the time, the ability, or the desire to own a rental property in this fashion. For those investors, this is a very passive investment. This is still secured by real estate and it is real estate that they own. The difference is that they just have to answer a few questions about their wants and needs and we handle the rest. We find the properties, renovate them according to their budget and scope of work, put a tenant in place and manage the properties**.


There are so many options in real estate.  Until we know what your investment wants and needs are, we can’t give advice on the best option. We recommend that you click on the Contact Us tab and fill in your information.  Once you do this, someone will be in touch to discuss what your strategies are.  After this discussion, we can set you on a plan and build a path to success.


*each custodian is different and yours may not have this option available. If not, you may have the ability to switch to a different custodian in order to proceed with this option. **We have partnered with a local property management company that handles the day to day operations of property management. They also manage all of RAMS Investing’s rental portfolio.