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The Towne Post – RAMS Investing

RAMS Investing has been highlighted in several local and national publications over the past several years. One of those publications, The Towne Post; took a special interest into some of the things that RAMS was doing and wanted to highlight it thru video. They wanted to take a property from the beginning and see it thru to the end. RAMS Investing and the Towne Post were able to meet at the property and shoot footage of the before, during, and after stages of this particular home in the Broadripple area. Interviews were also conducted during the process. With this,  you can get a better insight into what goes into one of these major transformations.

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Creating a Business by Design

Recently, RAMS Investing was showcased in the Center Grove and Greenwood Community Magazines. The story gives some information involving a recent speaking engagement in Las Vegas, how they plan to spread their knowledge and educate others in the community, and ways they have reached out locally. If you have a couple minutes, it’s a quick read and it gives you some insight into some things RAMS Investing is about that you may not be aware of. Click here to read the entire article.

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Shared Success Stories

One aspect about a community is that they share in your success. Our mentors created an environment and community that pushes you, and also celebrates your success. They want to see what you have done and they want to show the world. They have a spot on their website dedicated solely to the successes of their community. Here are a couple of our success stories that were posted to their website. 


            Fountain Square Double



                          499 Peterman – Center Grove Ranch


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Real Estate Ignite – Las Vegas

In December 2016, Dustin and Jason were asked if they would come and be part of a panel at the largest real estate seminar in the country.  Of course, they didn’t hesitate. It was a fun experience and one of the best real estate events they have ever attended. Jason said “you walk away from the event, just filled with excitement about the new ideas you have and the new friends you have met”. Jason and Dustin have spent nearly $100,000 to educate themselves, and it has paid off.  “Education will never stop.  We will continue to spend money to educate ourselves, because you can never know it all, but we continue to strive to be better.” Dustin said. 

Jason and Dustin were very honored to be part of the panel and be up on stage with one of the best real estate educators in the industry. One that they can call friend, and one that they can call mentor. Paul Esajian has been on A&E’s Flip this house and is one of the owners of Fortune Builders. Fortune Builders is the largest real estate education company in the country.

They have learned so much from Fortune Builders.  They feel as if they can never pay it back because they consider it priceless. This was their way of giving back just a little bit. 


Dustin telling a funny story about some of our experiences in this crazy business.




Over 4,000 people were in attendance, making this event the largest real estate seminar in the country. You have to look really close to even see the stage.

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2016 Remodeling Magazine

2016 turned out to be an amazing year, as RAMS Investing was not only named to the Inc. 5000, but they were also honored by Remodeling Magazine for two separate awards. In May 2016, RAMS was named to the Big 50, which is the top 50 remodelers from all over the country. They were the only company in Indiana to be named to this prestigious honor. Remodeling Magazine has been producing the Big 50 list since 1986.  Click on the link below to read the article that was highlighted in the nationally syndicated magazine. 


In August of 2016, Remodeling Magazine awarded RAMS Investing to the Remodeling 550 list. This is a list of the 550 biggest remodelers in the United States. You can see the entire list and where RAMS Investing ranked nationally according to Remodeling Magazine at the link below. remodeling-550

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2016 INC. 5000

In 2016, RAMS Investing was named to the Inc. 5000 for the second consecutive year.  This list represents the 5000 fastest growing private companies in America.  You can see the complete list by following the link below.  

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Center Grove Community Magazine

The local Greenwood and Center Grove monthly magazines got together and interviewed Jason and Dustin Royer to get to the bottom of what has garnered them all of the attention. During the interview, they shared some before and after photos of some of their renovations and some interesting stories about what they have seen and experienced while completing some of the renovations. This interested the TownePost Network, which publishes the local magazines. They agreed to work with RAMS Investing to produce a video to give readers a better understanding of what goes into one of these rehabs and what they see from the beginning to the end. The video will be able to be seen on the RAMS Investing webpage and notification will be given to all once the final production and editing have been completed. Stay tuned for more info on that.