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Jason Royer


Jason has been working as a real estate agent since 2002 and the owner of Red Oak Real Estate Group brokerage since 2006. Jason, and his brother Dustin started actively investing in 2008 with zero investing experience. Since then, RAMS Investing has renovated and sold over 200 homes and currently owns 35+ rental units with 39+ doors.

Becoming educated about how to run a “real estate business”, rather than continuing to be a “real estate investor” was the key to RAMS Investing’s explosive growth. RAMS Investing is a product of having mentorship. Jason and Dustin were smart enough to seek out the right mentors and grab on and never let go. To this day, they still talk to and cherish those mentors.

Jason and Dustin are actively involved with the local Indianapolis investment community and run a monthly REIA meeting with over 175 members. Jason believes that education is the key to change, and one of the reasons that he continues to give back and share his knowledge with his local community.

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