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The Front Door – An Entry to the Sell

The front door of a house is the first thing that greets everyone who enters.  The front door smiles or frowns; the front door bids us welcome or advises us to retreat.

Since the front door is so important, it is essential to keep it in excellent condition.  No matter how wonderful and maybe even perfect the interior of a house may be, if we do not feel welcomed by that all-important front door, our impression of everything else about the house will be colored by that impression.

Be sure your front door is clean.  This means, going out on the porch, or on the stoop, or on the top step, with a bucket of hot soapy water and a sponge.  Scrub the door thoroughly and rinse just as thoroughly.  Use the hose to rinse if you can; it does a thorough job.  Give your spotless door plenty of time to dry.

Once absolutely dry, inspect your nice clean door.  Does it need a little paint, or maybe a lot?  How about the frame; it is secure and free from splinters?  If your door is metal, are there any rust spots?  (Those can usually be sanded off before you repaint the door.)  If the door is wooden, are there any rough spots that need sanding?

How about the hardware?  Is the doorknob secure and in good condition?  If it’s supposed to be shiny, is it?  Does the lock work well?  Does the key stick?  Is there a deadbolt lock on the door?

No matter what the door is made of, could it use some fresh paint?  What color are the shingles; it’s always nice to coordinate the shingles with the front door.  Are there shutters?  Coordinate those, too.

Make your house a welcoming home with a door that says “Come In!”

Prospective home buyers are seeking a house they can turn into a home.  If the house already welcomes them with a front door that encourages them to enter and make themselves at home, half of the seller’s work is done.

While you’re making sure the front door is in excellent shape, don’t forget to check the porch lights.  Paint them to match the shingles and door.  Double-check them to make sure the bulbs are not burned out.  If people are going to be looking at the house at dusk, turn the porch lights on.  A smiling, spotlessly clean front door and a welcoming glow will give people a good impression of the house even before they step inside.