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Moving Properties Quickly

To quickly move your investment properties in today’s market you need to pay close attention to a few key areas during the rehab process.  For all of our rehabs, we try to be the lowest priced and best home in the neighborhood so we can move properties quickly.  To get the most bang for your buck you should focus your efforts on the areas of the home that are going to create the most value for you.  At RAMS Investing, we spend more money on the kitchen and bathrooms than any other room in the house.   Of course, you have to analyze what type of market you are in and what type of money you should spend on the house compared to what the price the house could bring.  Think you can’t afford upgrades such as granite, stainless steel appliances, or a custom bath/shower?  I promise that they will place your house on a different level than one down the street listed at the same price and they will move your property much quicker so that you can get on to the next deal.  Have a budget in mind, but focus on areas that are going to improve the value of the property the most.

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Who says the Real Estate Market is down?

The most common question we get as Real Estate investors is: “Is this really a good time to be investing in real estate with the market being so down?”  The answer to that question is absolutely, it couldn’t be better.  Sure the retail market isn’t what it was 3-4 years ago, but that means there are more and more good deals out there for investors all of the time.  Investors like us make money when we buy the home, not when we sell.  That is what makes the current market so attractive!  If you can buy a property at $.40-$.50 on the dollar or better, it is a property that you can turn a profit on no matter what the retail market is doing.  There are still plenty of buyers out there, but they are more selective than ever and should be.  A big thing today’s retail buyer is looking for is equity built into the home they are buying.  When you buy investment properties below market value and you do a nice job rehabbing them, a lot of times you can sell them to retail buyers with equity built in.  And best of all you will sell them quickly when you can provide your buyer with built in equity.

How do we know this?  We can say this, because we do this every day.  3 of our last 4 properties have sold for full price or better within 24 hrs!

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Home Presentation

Many people think that when you go to sell your home, you must clean, de-clutter, put it up for sale, and the buyers will come.  Maybe that is how it was 5 or 6 years ago in a booming and overpriced Real Estate market, but it is not how it is today.

Today, a seller must have their home in perfect condition. The home must appear like something you would see in a home magazine. There are so many homes for sale in this market, that buyers can be picky.  In order for them to pick your home, you must make them fall in love with it. The presentation is key.  Yes, it must be clean and it must be de-cluttered, but it also must be staged and in perfect condition as well as priced right. If your presentation blows your buyer away, then you can command a little more in price and/or lower your days on market. When you put your home or your investment property on the market, think retail. Make it look like a store front in a mall. 

Staging is key and one simple way to move a property in today’s Real Estate market.

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Buying and Holding in Indianapolis

In our 3 years of buying and selling real estate in the Indianapolis area, we have never seen so many great deals in the market place.  We are able to purchase properties at 30%-40% less than what we would have paid a few years prrior.  This allows our customers to buy and hold these properties and generate a tremendous amount of cash flow that they have never been able to do before.  It also allows us to rehab 2-3 times more properties because of the cost per property.  These deals are very safe and predictable, because we are gaining equity not on the future value of the property, but at the time the property purchased.  Regardless of what the market does, the rents will always cover the monthly payments and the property owner can ride out any fluctuations in the market.

To learn more about buying some of these properties and creating your own protfolio of cash flowing properties, please send us an email at or visit our website at