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Fortune Builders Mastery Webinar

Check out the video replay of this live Webinar case study on our McWhorter Rd property that we did for Fortune Builders Mastery students.  This is only a portion of it, there is a question and answer session that follows, but definitely worth a listen if you are interested in learning about investing in Real Estate.  If you have your own questions after listening to it, feel free to get in touch with us and we would be happy to go over anything with you.  Click on the link below to listen!

Builders Case Study Live Webinar

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10824 Pine Bluff (SOLD)

The finished photos are now up of this awesome property.  Check out the side by side before and after photos to see the changes made to this property! This rehab took less than 4 weeks and sold in 48 hrs for above asking price.  Check out all the sizzle features that made this property sell fast.

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Before and After Side by Side Photos:

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Before Video:

Mid Rehab Video:

After Video: