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Our mission

Our mission is to make a difference in everything we do. Whether we are renovating a home, working with a tenant to fix their credit, pumping gas at a gas station, or home with our family. We just want to make a difference.

Become good stewards of money

We believe that you can become very wealthy in real estate. Most of the top income earners in our country have done so with real estate. In order to stay at the top, you must treat your money with respect, you must tell it where to go, and you must use it for good. We personally believe that the first 10% of our income goes straight to our church. It’s amazing to see the changes that this does in your life. After that, you must take care of your family, save for your future, and help others as often as possible.  Money comes and goes very easily. Just because you have it now, doesn’t mean you will have it later. Treat it with respect and put it to good use and it will do good things for you. Don’t spend money needlessly. Others will watch you and see that you are different. This is also a great educational tool.


We believe that this world is big enough to share what you know with others. Often, others won’t share info in case they would become competition. We look at this in a whole different perspective. We saw this from our mentors. They share everything they do with everyone. They believe that you can share your info and help someone out and in turn, it will come back to you with bigger rewards than you could imagine. We run an investment group that meets monthly and we educate these investors with what we know in our local market. These are our competitors. However, when you share what you know with someone and it makes a difference, they don’t become competitors, they become a part of your team and you help each other out. It’s an amazing thing to see happen, but first you must trust that it will happen.

Leave a legacy

You can leave a legacy in many different ways. You can pass down wealth to your family, church, or to charitable entities. This is amazing and you will always be thanked for this. But if you can leave a legacy of knowledge to your family and friends, they don’t need your wealth. By leaving education and work ethic as your legacy, they can earn so much more than you ever did in your lifetime. If they give back and become good stewards of money and educate people, they will empower a legacy as well. Giving is an amazing gift, but knowledge can feed them forever.

Fail Trying

Lastly, the way I want to live my life is by doing the right thing, doing what is good, and loving and caring for others. It’s an extremely simple concept. Even the hardest of people in our world know how to do this. They simply don’t do it. That is a key to life.  Being kind to that person that just took your parking spot or stole money from you is very hard to do. It isn’t easy at all. The concept to care for them and forgive them is simple though…just not easy. We must get off the sidelines and get into the game. You can’t do this and make a difference by sitting on the sidelines. You must get in the game and try. You may fail, but at least you failed trying. If you didn’t get off the sidelines, you failed, but you failed while watching others try. We push to live by this motto:  “LIFE ISN’T EASY, BUT IT’S SIMPLE.  FAIL TRYING.”


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